Tuition & Financial Assistance Information

Our goal is to make a St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School education affordable for every family.

Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid

Please ensure that your application is submitted prior to applying for aid. There are two primary forms of financial aid:

The BASIC Fund

For new families, The BASIC Fund is a privately funded program dedicated to broadening the educational opportunities for children by helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition at private schools.

Download the BASIC Fund application

FACTS Grant & Aid

For both existing and new families, financial assistance can also be requested via the FACTS Grant & Aid website.

Click here to apply for Financial Assistance via FACTS.

Tuition Schedule: 2021-2022 School Year

It is important to us that our tuition is competitively priced. The two plan options A or B can be paid upfront in an annual lump sum, or can be paid over the course of the school year in 10 monthly payments.

No. of Children Catholic/Non-Catholic Participation Tuition Plan Catholic/Non-Catholic Non-Participation Plan

Breakdown Breakdown
1 $9,000/$9,500 $9,250/$9,750
2 $16,500/$17,500 $16,750/$17,750
3 $23,500/$25,000 $23,750/$25,250
4 $29,500/$31,500 $29,750/$31,750

Additional Fees

Student Fee: $500/student
Building Assessment: $500/family

The SCHOOL will determine which one of the two (Catholic/Non-Catholic) tuition plans a family qualifies for and RESPONSIBLE PARTY agrees to be charged and to pay for the applicable tuition plan described herein, as the SCHOOL determines to be applicable. The criteria for Catholic families is child/children need to be baptized Catholic, one parent needs to be Catholic, and the family needs to be registered at a Catholic Parish. Student baptismal certificate and signed Parish Verification Form required.