Admissions Overview

For 132 years, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools has provided the most recognized academic program in Petaluma. For young students, the path to success in high school, college and beyond begins now.

St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School is actively working with the Sonoma County Department of Health to return to campus for in person instruction. Our goal is to re-open our campus and return to in-person instruction, prioritizing the health and safety of our school community and maintaining our nurturing educational environment. Please find our “Return to Campus Plan” here. Our planned hybrid half-day schedule includes on-campus morning instruction five days a week for kindergarten through 6th grade students. This hybrid model provides a consistent and robust instructional plan that supports both academic and social growth for all students.

Please Note: Except for a few grade levels, the current conditions prevent us from accepting more students at this time. We are accepting applications across all grade levels for our growing waitlist in anticipation of increased capacity in 2021. Download 2021-2022 application here.

Until we return to campus, the best ways to learn more about our school are:


For 15 years, our Kindergarten program has offered a full day program, educating the whole child --- personally, socially, academically and spiritually, in a safe, nurturing environment. We feature a small class size, but enjoy opportunities to join with the student body across our school community. Our students leave kindergarten reading, writing sentences, thinking critically, solving problems, and well-prepared for success throughout their education.


In the primary grades, we offer a strong curriculum in Reading, Writing, Math and Science with standards above and beyond common core. Our program offers enrichment in Physical Education, Art, and music. Students learn about their community and world around them, collaborating on community service projects.


We proudly offer a junior high program featuring a safe environment, high expectations, and a unique experience in the historic St. Vincent’s Academy Building. The core curriculum features a novel-based, integrated History and English Language Arts offered with leading programs in Math, Science and World Language. Our small class sizes (24 students at each grade level) allow for personal attention for your student.

At St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School, we offer an educational experience, educating the whole child in a top-level academic program integrated with Catholic values.

We invite you to learn more about our school, curriculum, community and financial aid. Until we are able to return to campus, please:

Admissions Process At-a-Glance

Applying to St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School is easy and we are here to help.


Step 1:
Learn about St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School

We invite you to learn more about our school, curriculum and community. One of the best ways to explore our school is to explore our website, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or schedule a call or zoom meeting with our Admissions Coordinator.

  • Explore our website
  • Introduce yourself via phone, email or website
  • Attend our Open House* or Information Night*

    For Kindergarten Information please call the school office to speak with our Admissions Coordinator.

Step 2:

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are now available. The link can be found below or by requesting a copy from our school office

Complete and submit an application for your student.

Download 2021-2022 Student Application

Completed applications, birth certificate copies, and, for grades 1-8 only, copies of the last report card, may be delivered to the school office or submitted via email ( or fax (707-762-6791).
Priority will be given to applications that are received by Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Step 3:
Student Screening

All incoming students will participate in a screening process in late February or early March. Due to COVID-19 dates may vary. You will be contacted by our Admissions Coordinator to schedule a screening.


Step 4:
Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School

Acceptance letters will be mailed approximately one week following the Student Screening. Once the acceptance decision has been made, families will be invited to meet with the Co-Principals and formally register. Classroom positions are secured by the remittance of a registration fee, and students are ready to attend once their full registration packets (immunizations, tuition contract, parish verification, etc.) have been completed.