Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Fourth - Eighth Grade


I am a Catholic Learner who:

  • shows respect for self and others
  • grows in faith and knowledge of Church teachings, honoring the dignity of life
  • effectively displays a spirit of Christian service to others
  • is developing a moral conscience, modeling good behavior for others

I am a Lifelong Learner who:

  • possesses a solid foundation in basic subjects and enrichment subjects
  • uses study skills effectively
  • utilizes technology for research and learning

I am a Responsible Citizen who:

  • exhibits leadership skills, sharing my gifts and talents
  • helps the school community and participates in school activities
  • learns about local, national and global issues

I am an Effective Communicator who:

  • speaks publicly with confidence and poise and expresses thoughtful opinions
  • demonstrates listening skills and works cooperatively with others
  • expresses written thoughts clearly