National Testing Results

Every fall, St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School administers the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to measure the achievement and skill mastery of our students. Developed at the University of Iowa and backed by a tradition of more than 75 years of educational research and test development experience, the ITBS provides an in-depth assessment of students' achievement of important educational objectives. Tests cover material in reading, vocabulary, math, social studies, and science. The tests are administered early in the school year to serve as a diagnostic tool for teachers and parents.

2017 National ITBS Grade Equivalent Results CHART DATA
Grade Standard Grade Level Performance SVES Students
Second Grade GE result was 2.5 2nd 2.0 2.5
Third Grade GE result was 3.9 3rd 3.0 3.9
Fourth Grade GE result was 5.0 4th 4.0 5.0
Fifth Grade GE result was 6.0 5th 5.0 6.0
Sixth Grade GE result was 7.6 6th 6.0 7.6
Seventh Grade GE result was 8.5 7th 7.0 8.5
Eighth Grade GE result was 10.0 8th 8.0 10.0

This means that a St. Vincent 8th grade student scored as well as a sophomore in high school on the same test, confirming that our students are mastering their material and will be very well prepared for high school.

Renaissance Learning STAR Assessments

Four times each school year students take the Renaissance Learning STAR Math and Reading assessments. These nationally scored formative assessments allow teachers to monitor student growth and achievement throughout the school year as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the academic program of the school.


National Standard SVES Average Grade Equivalency
0.5 1.7
1.5 2.0
2.5 3.6
3.5 4.6
4.5 5.9
5.5 6.9
6.5 7.3
7.5 8.7
8.5 10.3


National Standard SVES Average Grade Equivalency
1.5 1.9
2.5 3.0
3.5 3.9
4.5 5.3
5.5 6.7
6.5 9.3
7.5 9.7
8.5 12.9