Tuition & Financial Assistance Information

Our goal is to make a St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School education affordable for every family.

Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid

Please ensure that your application is submitted prior to applying for aid. There are two primary forms of financial aid:

The BASIC Fund

For new families, The BASIC Fund is a privately funded program dedicated to broadening the educational opportunities for children by helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition at private schools.

Download the BASIC Fund application

FACTS Grant & Aid

For both existing and new families, financial assistance can also be requested via the FACTS Grant & Aid website.

Click here to apply for Financial Assistance via FACTS.

Tuition Schedule: 2017-2018 School Year

It is important to us that our tuition is competitively priced. The two plan options A or B can be paid upfront in an annual lump sum, or can be paid over the course of the school year in 10 monthly payments.

No. of Children Plan A (Catholic families) Plan B (Non-Catholic families)

Annual Monthly Breakdown Annual Monthly Breakdown
1 $7,188 $718.80 $8,208 $820.80
2 $13,561 $1,356.10 $14,581 $1,458.10
3 $19,263 $1,926.30 $20,283 $2,028.30
4 $24,483 $2,448.30 $25,503 $2,550.30

Please note: These tuition rates and fee rates are for the 2018-2019 school year. Tuition and fee rates may increase for the 2019-2020 school year.

Other 2018-2019 School Fees and Obligations