We offer the highest quality of education in a safe, nurturing environment for Kindergarten through eighth grade. We have an extraordinary community of teachers, staff and volunteers. This is a great opportunity to see a wonderful school.

Please call: (707) 762-6426, dial "0" for the main office.

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Shadowing is an important opportunity for prospective students and parents to see which school is the best fit. We would love to have you visit St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School. See the information below for common questions regarding our shadow program.

Who can shadow?
Students who are in the 5th-8th grades are encouraged to visit.

When is shadowing allowed?
Shadowing is currently arranged by appointment.  The day starts at 8:15 for morning prayer and ends around 12:30.   

How do I schedule a visit?    Student Shadow Day

Who will I shadow with?
We have trained ambassadors to act as hosts for the day, but if you want to shadow with a current student you already know, that may be arranged as well.

What should I wear?
Shadow day participants must wear appropriate attire. Jeans and t-shirts are fine (no graphic shirts or spaghetti strapped tops). No flip-flops or sandals. Cell phones must remain off while on campus.

What time do I arrive on campus?
Plan to arrive at 8 AM and go to the main office. Your student host will meet you there!

If you have any additional questions regarding our Shadow Program or visiting campus, please contact our office at (707) 762-6426. We look forward to meeting you!

Aug 15
First Day of School begins with Mass

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