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Team da Vinci is an after school program, led by volunteer parent, Mr. Rawson. Inspired by the diversity of creative thought represented by Leonardo da Vinci, the group is open to 5th – 8th graders wanting to invent, build and learn. The school year offers one trimester devoted to computer animation and programming. Advanced students have explored recently with the building of Raspberry Pi microcomputers.  The second trimester will lead the students through the world of robotics by letting them construct a robotic arm; Raspberry Pi exploration will control the robotic arms. The final trimester has the students building solar cars, learning how to engineer their vehicles for maximum speed and accuracy on the course. Advanced students are guided to use our 3D printer to create car parts. Races are held during our annual Green Week in spring.

Congratulations, Team Da Vinci, for a great year and a wonderful solar car race day during Green Week!

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Trimester 1 - Computer Animation

Trimester 2 - Robotics

Trimester 3 - Solar Cars

Aug 15
First Day of School begins with Mass

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