Junior High Elective Classes for 2016-17

Art Elective:  Drawing

Teacher:  Mrs. Casey

Have fun exploring the history of drawing, and its various styles with different media, as we visit different periods of the art form.  Students will design with pencil, create with charcoal, and utilize organic materials and other media, as they engage in a variety of projects while learning and applying elements and principals of design.  From early cave drawings to pop art, students will realize the importance of drawing as a basic necessity and as an exciting creative art style!


Teacher:  Mrs. Vollert

Play a part in how our school yearbook is created!  Learn the basics of layout, digital photography manipulation, proofreading and copy writing.  In the first trimester, use your creativity and design custom artwork for the yearbook cover. In the next trimester, collaborate with classmates to come up with new and clever ideas for additional inside pages. Ultimately, be an integral part of creating a keepsake of SVES memories that will be yours forever.  (offered in 1st and 2nd  trimesters only)


Teacher:  Mr. Forsell

This class will provide students with the opportunity to be involved in their school community and to develop leadership skills through the planning, organizing, and implementing of both school wide events and junior high activities. The goal of the leadership class is for students to ultimately improve the quality of their community and improve school atmosphere.

Sustainable Home Design

Teacher:  Miss Jeffrey

In this S.T.E.M. class learn the facets of sustainable home design. Discover how to evaluate what is "green."  Choose which innovations will suit your housing needs then design, construct, and present your very own model of a Sustainable Home.  This class integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



Teacher:  Cara Wasden and Tim Scheele, Toastmasters

You will have fun as you develop public speaking with useful tips that will also develop your leadership skills.  Learn how to use visual aids, incorporate body language into your presentations and more.  With time and practice, you will see improvement in your ability to communicate and your confidence will increase.  Class size is limited for this option.

Aug 15
First Day of School begins with Mass

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