Art Program

The art program is created to provide students with an opportunity to develop their appreciation of art. The inherent nature of the program is to offer positive reinforcement to each child as they display their individual talents in this area. The curriculum takes into consideration the student’s intellectual, moral, cultural and emotional needs consistent with a Catholic school education. Art studied will be used to increase the student’s perception and appreciation for God’s universe. The objective of the art curriculum at St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School is to create the capacity for visual sensitivity and creative expression through a variety of experiences and observations. Perceptual awareness of the environment along with cultivating techniques and use of media and tools will be developed. Additional units and projects demonstrating periods of art spanning Prehistoric to Modern and encompassing art appreciation complete the curriculum.

  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Sixth Grade
  • Seventh Grade
  • Eighth Grade
  • Junior High Art Enrichment Elective Class
  • Junior High Art Enrichment Elective Class
Aug 15
First Day of School begins with Mass

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